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Quality Assurance

Nippen engineers and technicians are always engaged in checking all materials and components for conformity with the relevant standards, before production, during manufacture and on readiness. It is only Quality that has made 'NIPPEN' a name that long commands respect in the domestic marketplace . And with all products made in line with contemporary International Standards, this position is promptly being extended overseas.

Research & Development

A pioneer in any industry must invest in Research and Development. The Nippen laboratory is equipped with all facilities required to carry out routine, acceptance & type tests on the complete range of electrical testing & measuring instruments. This R & D laboratory continuously keeps abreast of state of the art technology, to make Durable, Cost- and Energy- effective products . Through our own constant R & D efforts, "On Line" Value engineering,,and maintaining access to the most appropriate, advanced technical knowhow. Nippen has embraced the concept of "Total Quality", honing skills to consistently produce products with zero defect.

Manufacturing Unit